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WTJ: The Wreckage Slump

I have been in a Wreckage slump!  The first weeks I was so excited to wreck that I had to contain myself in order to make the project last until the end of July.  But this week I haven’t worked on my journal at all.  Jamie spoke about this in her Vblog, the ebb and flow of the creative process.

I was inspired to get my creative juices flowing once again when I received the favorite page of “Wreck Star” Barbara of the blog Reptitude in the mail on Friday!  Check out her creation:

photo (1)

I love how she wove in strips from other pages of her journal and added glitter!  Barb also sent me a sweet card which I have decided needs to be incorporated into the project, but haven’t yet decided how best to do so.  Hmm…gives me something to work on for next week!

I recently moved from TX to NY and it hasn’t been the easiest of transitions.  So in the spirit of acceptance I dedicated my stamp page to my new change of address!  Seeing is believing right?


A couple other creations from this week:

photo (2)All of the ink washed off my hand excpet for the green on my index finger so I was reminded for almost two days of my creation as I walked around with a green index finger!

photo (3)

With only 3 weeks left to this blogging adventure I have many more creations to come!



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Wreck This Journal Week 5

We have one month of wreckage left in the Wreck This Journal Project and my journal continues its transformation.  I have accomplished a lot, but still have plenty more recking/creating left to do!

The current state of my journal:


I have completed most of the outrageous tasks like dragging, dropping, and spilling on the journal.  I have left myself most of the pages that “force” you connect your thoughts and emotions to the creative process.   This coming week will pull my creativity in a new direction.  I love the challenge!

The highlight of the week is swapping our favorite page we have created with another participant by mail.  I put my favorite creation (the page created entirely out of office supplies) in the mail to Barbara at Reptitude today!  I am excited to receive her page as well.  Riping out (so over thinking this is a big deal) your favorite page and giving it away…not an easy thing to do.

To give is to receive.


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WTJ Week 4: Ready for Some More!

This week was my Wreck This Journal transformation!  I have enjoyed the wreckage the past few weeks, but have done so with great hesitation.  With each page I second guessed my artistic abilities and then confirmed my feelings of inadequacy when I compared my results with the highly creative pages posted on others blog posts.

But this week something changed.  For the first time I saw the project more as a liberation of my fears and anal tendencies than the visual appeal of the final product.  With this mind shift came a whole new level of wreckage.

1The journal’s first shower

2The journal post cover decorating requiring some additional drying time after its shower


My *favorite* journal activity of the week: I took it for a drive! This not only caused some nice wreckage of the back cover, but it was a *huge* step for me.  I can’t believe it, I drove around my neighborhood with my journal dragging behind my car. Yes, I did get some strange looks, and yes, I did think about what I would think if I saw someone with a journal dragging behind their car, but I didn’t care because I was doing it the name of wreckage! 🙂

Let the wreckage continue…


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Ruining Never Felt so Good (WTJ Wk 2/3)

photo (1)I am a week behind on the Wreck This Journal Project blog update, but I MORE than made up for itphoto this week!  Getting going was rough…I hesitantly began with the cracking of the spine and the moved on to ripping strips and strategically placing them so they stuck out of the book in multiple directions and it was all downhill from there.  I have become unstoppable!  It may in part be that I once again have studying to do and sewing in a book, with my 3rd grade abilities, is much more appealing than reviewing medicine…just a wild guess!  I believe the hardest part of this project is going to be making it last until the end of July!

To another week of fun filled wreckage!


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The Wreckage Begins

I have signed up for a summer project way outside my comfort zone.  I am participating in an online blogging adventure that involves wrecking a journal.  In attempts to foster more creativity and less type A analness I thought it would be a fun project.  Besides, it is summer, time to let loose and be silly! 

Want to join the silliness?  Check it out at www.wreckthis

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