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A long overdue post…

In looking at my blog I see that my last post was from Botswana in May. I have abandoned the idea of trying to catch up. A few of the highlights:

Finishing residency


Moving to Cambridge

Starting my Global Health Delivery Fellowship

Completing the Global Health Delivery Summer Intensive


Going to Haiti for the 1st time with Partners in Health



Joining the leadership team of the Harvard Global Oncology Initiative

Tutoring a section of the Harvard Medical School Introduction to Social Medicine course for the 1st year med students

Volunteering at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting


Attend the LIVESTRONG Young Leaders Cancer Council meeting and Challenge weekend in Austin with a Marfa visit



In the midst of all of this I have been able to fit in some fun trips and visits with friends!






Image And that is what I have been up to. It is hard to believe that my first 6 months in Boston is coming to a close. T-8 weeks to Rwanda!


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Delivering Happiness

I was fortunate enough to receive an advanced copy of Tony Heish’s Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose.  At face value, as a physician, a book about Tony Hsieh’s road to success and desire to create a company known for its unique company culture doesn’t apply.  But Delivering Happiness is truly applicable to any and everyone seeking greater happiness and fulfillment out of life!

My copy has so many folded corners and underlined passages. I felt I could not justly share all the wisdom I gained from Tony’s book in one post.  I have decided to dedicate this week to posts inspired by insight found within the pages of Delivering Happiness.  The posts will start tomorrow…the day the book hits the shelves! You can still donate to LIVESTRONG and receive a copy of the book in return here.

P.S. I am super excited to be attending the book launch party/LIVESTRONG event tomorrow in NYC. Pictures to follow in my week long DH posts!

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Wrap Up Africa

Wrap Up Africa Promo from Amanda Bontecou on Vimeo

Through the Livestrong Global Summit and the lovely Christine Mason Miller I have had the great fortune of getting to know Letha Sandison, the founder of Wrap of Africa.

Wrap Up Africa has an amazing opportunity before it, but it needs some help.  Their building has become unstable and dangerous to remain using for long and that will not change in the near future.  Serendipitously, there is a new building available in the same neighborhood. It is a wonderful opportunity as there are very few buildings that are within the hospital area that would be suitable for our uses. As the US Embassy funded this commercial space, there was oversight during its construction and it was built using good and safe building practices.

Wrap Up Africa teaches tailoring skills and train participants to make beautiful products, pay them a fair wage for what they create, and provide a market for what they produce. With the funds they earn, the tailors are able to meet many of the challenges they face with a cancer diagnosis such as obtaining food, lodging, transportation, and medical expenses including treatment. The profits from clothing sales are funneled back to support clinical and educational programs, helping participants and their children to have a better quality of life and to improve the health outcomes of future pediatric cancer patients in Uganda.

Wrap Up Africa has just been offered a complimentary membership to the Clinton Global Initiative and invited to attend their upcoming meeting in September. USAID is bringing buyers from large retailers out to visit the (hopefully new) facilities.  WUA strives to provide hope, empowerment and support to Ugandan families struggling with cancer. WUA was founded in response to the growing and largely unrecognized needs of pediatric cancer patients in Uganda.

Christine Mason Miller is offering some amazing giveaways in conjunction to raising money for this amazing opportunity (check it out here).  Every dollar helps!  Please help this dream become a reality.

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It’s How You Recover

“Everybody gets knocked down, how quick are you going to get up?” Nike

This just makes me want to go work out!

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Thoughts for Haiti

Amazingly difficult photos of what is going on in Haiti from the Boston Globe.

Willful ignorance is not an option.

via Boston Globe

via Boston Globe

via Boston Globe

Please find a way to give back.  There are many amazing organizations conducting important humanitarian work in this time of crisis.  The Livestrong community just donated $250,000 to my two personal favorite medical organizations: Doctors Without Borders and Partners In Health. Check out more about their commitment and these organizations here.

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Shinanigans For A Cause

As Movember draws to a close this week, and guys around the world get ready to shave their mo’s in the name of testicular and prostate cancer awareness, I couldn’t help but think about all the crazy shinanigans out there to raise awareness and funds for worthy causes.

A few of the other creative fundraisers that come to mind:

Hawks for the Homeless

Pints for Prostates

St. Baldrick’s

The Testicle Tour

The common denominator: dudes and alcohol!

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Book Fairy


Christine Mason Miller, author of one of my favorite books, “Ordinary Sparkling Moments” had been posting on her 100 Books Project on her blog.  Copies of her book were being left for strangers to find in cities all over.  I anxiously awaited her posts on this project.  I have always been a sucker for surprises.   I can’t imagine how excited I would be to happen upon such an amazing book!

Christine posts pictures with information on where and when the books are left as well as any follow up information from the recipient.  I contacted her and told her that I was going to Ireland and if she was interested I would be more than willing to take a book along to leave.  I was so excited when she took me up on her offer!

As I traipsed around Dublin, on my one day of sight seeing after the Livestrong Global Cancer Summit, I searched for the perfect place to leave the book.  Check out her post here to see where I left “Ordinary Sparking Moments” as well as more about the project and what has happened with the other copies.

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