Annual Traditions: Season of Reflection and Gratitude

Inspired by Jess Lively I have taken to writing an annual future letter to myself which I read a couple of times throughout the year

 Susannah Conway’s Unraveling the Year Ahead 

 This is my 7th year of keeping a daily 5 line journal. During the month of December, for the past couple of years, I have participated in “Reverb.” From a combination of this and this, and inspiration from lovelies such as: Brene Brown, Christine Mason Miller, Daniele Laporte & Jen Lemen, I have come up with the following 30 prompts that I use during the month:


1. A place visited with special meaning

2. Ordinary sparking moments of 2013

3. A storm weathered this past year

4. Most memorable gathering

5. 5 memorable moments of the year

6. Best gift I have been given

7. What I let go of this year

8. What makes me different

9. “The” social gathering of 2013

10. Worst decision of the year

11. 11 things my life doesn’t need

12. Next step in my life

13. What I have come to appreciate this year

14. What I most want to remember about 2013

15. Best lesson(s) learned about myself this year

16. What I want to try in 2014

17. Biggest healing of 2013

18. 2013 avoidance

19. Advice to myself in 5 years

20. 2013 travel

21. Best moment proving all will be okay

22. Ordinary Joy

23. 10 Feelings associated with my greatest achievement of 2014

24. Defining experience or moment of the year

25. Best emotional gift

26. Core story of 2013

27. What I believe in

28. 2013 birthday celebration

29. This year I changed my mind about…

30. Word to sum up 2013

31. Word for 2014

Found via livin-on-lovee

Found via livin-on-lovee


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One response to “Annual Traditions: Season of Reflection and Gratitude

  1. r

    Dear Dr. May:

    Very nice.

    Love is the only thing I can really give; it is what we all have to give. It is my big reminder for 2013 and beyond.

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