What is life?

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An excerpt from What is Life? on Elephant Journal:

By nature, I believe humans beings as a whole are, to put it simply, forgetful. Every moment is an opportunity to remember who you really are and what you’r e here to do. It’s about remember-ing.When we are given these glimpses of greater vision, a widening clarity of a deeper seeing, we have either two choices—maybe three. You can hang on to the assumed presentation of what life has been for you for your life up til that moment—meaning cling on to what you know or you can let go of the grasp and allow space for what you don’t know—which is life from that moment on.

You’ve got to be done with the illusion of control. And I mean really done. Question everything you thought you knew and get ready to walk the life you were meant to live. The kind of scenarios that you truly imagine and envision. Not only that, but to live the life that you DESERVE. You deserve to live a magnificent life. One that is truly YOURS.

And then life just happens- you meet it as much as it meets you. You begin to cocreate with the Divine Master. Just like that moment when George Harrison was sitting atop of the grassy hill top in Eric Clapton’s backyard, playing his guitar to the rise of the sun. Now known as the song, Here Comes the Sun. Creativity beacons, life force grants you the access to create songs, images, moments, art, LIFE.That life force grants you the access to create life. How utterly beautiful is that?

But the answer will never come forth if you don’t ask the question. Clarity will only arise when there is space made for it. Ask yourself the question, that will lead to the next question, that will then lead to the answer. Let go of the shackles of assumption, release the grip of expectation, let yourself be free from the cage that’s been heaving your load. That tightness around your neck and right shoulder really is something, isn’t it? I know, I’m working on that too. YOU ARE A FREE BEING. YOU ARE A DIVINE BEING. YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED.


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