Let Go

The phrase “let go” automatically makes me think of the above Frou Frou song. I can’t help it, it is like an instant cue!

Patti Digh posted the other day on “letting go.” The below is an excerpt from her post that really spoke to me. I try to remind myself, every minute of every day is a fresh start. I don’t need the calendar year to change to make new commitments of self improvement!

I decided to listen to my own voice instead.

And here’s what my voice said:

Here, now, this is enough.

Loving what and whom I love is enough.

Living life on a human scale is enough.

Writing what I love and question and care about is enough.

Here, now, this is enough.

I let go of expectations, mine and yours. Of any need to be clever, rich, thin, quieter, hot, even happy.

I let go of people who made me feel less than. I let go of people who are addicted to misery. I let go of any need to be clever or sophisticated or hip.

I picked up my ordinary.

I decided to just be.


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  1. Wohh just what I was searching for, appreciate it for posting.

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