Channeling Elvis!

Hello from Memphis! People have teased me about going to Graceland and getting into the Elvis spirit while in town which I was not planning on…but sometimes things don’t go according to plan! Little did I know I would be staying in the authentic furnished former apartment of Elvis.  I couldn’t have planned this one if I tried!

St Jude trainees stay in the apartment complex right across the street from the hospital. I got my assigned key and when I opened the apartment there was a chain smoking, barely English speaking, Turkish man siting on the couch who will be living there through December. The people at St Jude that arrange housing are only around during the work week and since all the other St Jude units are occupied and the Saturday tour was over for the day, well, I am the fortunate inhabitant of the apartment! I have a fellowship application to finish, but after perusing the guest book full of confessions of people, much more excited than I to be staying here, I found a great blog entry that shows you all the details of my space without me having to!

So check this post out: I learned from googling about this place that there was a hidden plasma tv with all sorts of Elvis movies and that tourists try to peek in the windows- awesome! It is guaranteed to make you laugh as you think of me spending my weekend here. And if you really want a laugh, I’ll email you the highly entertaining video I made of the whole experience!

My addition to the wall

Love from Leana and the spirit of the Big E

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  1. Sveri Stromsta May

    I always knew you were awesome but I didn’t know you were so entertaining as well.

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