Give 100%

Mindfulness is the capacity to be present with one hundred percent of ourselves. The energy of mindfulness enables us to recognize the presence of what is. What is there is yourself, what is there is your loved ones. If you aren`t capable of being in the here and now, you won`t be able to recognize yourself, your happiness, or your suffering. Without mindfulness, we can’t help ourselves or our loved ones or succeed in our workplace. Without mindfulness, any power we have will be fleeting and ultimately unsatisfying.

When you hold the hand of a child, invest one hundred percent of yourself in the act of holding her hand. When you hug your partner, do the same. Forget everything else. Be totally present, totally alive in the act of hugging. This is the opposite of the way we`ve been trained to lead our lives and run our businesses. We`ve been taught to do many things at once. We answer an e-mail while we talk on the phone; while in a meeting for one project, we work on our notes for another project. Every new technology promises to help us do more things at once. Now we can send an e-mail while listening to music, talking on the phone, and taking a picture, all with the same device. With your energy dispersed, where is your power?  Instead of always multitasking, we must teach ourselves to unitask. Mindfulness needs some training. We may be very intelligent. We may understand this right away. But that doesn`t mean we can do it. To do it, we have to practice and train ourselves.”

Thay (from The Art of Power)

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