Will Work for Milk and Cookies

The Impact section of the Huff Post had a creative post on a different way of giving back: 12 Days of Christmas for the Homeless

Instead of just giving money, do something a little different

A few simple ways to help:

Contact your local homeless shelter(s) and ask what they need

Challenge your friends to a bake-off. Cook a bunch of homemade goodness — soup, stews, cookies, etc — and take it to a shelter

Clean out your closet, and pack up all the old clothes that you find. Coats, socks, underwear, shoes, jeans — anything and everything

Go through your linen closet and think of what blankets, sleeping bags, duvets, etc, that you no longer need

Invite a homeless person for coffee. Go to a Starbucks or McDonald’s, buy a combo, sit and talk. Get to know the person behind the story


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  1. Kudo to the post and the details, i have also bookmarked your RSS feeds for more updates.

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