HuffPost and Impact

by jenlemen on flickr

by jenlemen on flickr

*So excited* about the newest section of the Huffington Post…Impact!  Check out Arianna Huffington’s introduction of the new section here.

“HuffPost Impact will use the tools and power of online journalism to help people get involved, work together, and bring about real change. It offers our readers the opportunity to read a news story that moves them, then take immediate action in tangible, specifically tailored ways — ranging from making a donation to a charitable group, to volunteering and contributing directly to an individual in need, to signing a petition and signing up to stay updated on stories that interest you..

It is clear that this moment in history demands that we stop waiting on others — i.e. our leaders — to solve the problems and right the wrongs of our times. We desperately need to mine the most underutilized resource available to us: ourselves.”

Learn. Act. Make an Impact.


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