One Person at a Time

Here is a powerful response to Ban Ki-moon’s call for individuals to voice their concerns to our world leaders as they gather for the UN general assembly in New York.

“I promise to humble myself.

I promise to grieve.

I promise to bow down to truth.

I promise to argue.

I promise to listen and to live with intention.

I promise to know my own strength.

I promise to risk something.

I promise to stop talking about what hasn’t been done
and start doing something different.

We are 6.7 billion real people who want to be remembered, who only want to live a life as good and as safe as the one you live. If we promise to think of you, to work with you; I hope you’ll promise to think of us, to work for us. One person, one small baby, one dream at a time.”

Check out Emily Troutman’s blog


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