Favs of the Year

cuorhome on flickr

cuorhome on flickr

We all have events that we can hardly wait for.  Here are a few of my favorites.  A few remain on my to do list, but I know they are fabulous all the same!

Lance Armstrong Foundation Livestrong Challenge weekend Austin, TX

PIH Annual Thomas White Symposium Cambridge, MA

Wanderlust Festival Lake Tahoe, CA

Ann Arbor Arts Festival Ann Arbor, MI

Union Square Christmas Market New York City, NY

Austin City Limits Austin, TX

Banff Film Festival World Tour Many cities around the world

Sundance Film Festival Park City, UT

Thich Nhat Hanh’s yearly retreats in the US  MA, NY, CO and CA

A weekend at Kripalu

Quebec’s Winter Carnaval Quebec City, CA

What are your favorites events that you try not to miss at any cost?

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One response to “Favs of the Year

  1. may i meet you at all of these?
    an enlightening list…and am inspired to make my own.

    love what you do and your way of connecting.

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