Half the Sky

The beginning of the Washington Post’s review of Half the Sky, NYT columnist Nicholas Kristof and his wife Sheryl Wudunn’s newest book, states it “is either one of the most important books I have ever reviewed, or it is reportage about a will-o’-the-wisp movement destined to end up in the footnotes of history. Frankly, I’m too stunned by the density of information and the high quality of the prose here to know for sure which it is. You’ll have to judge for yourselves.” Check out other amazing accolades of the book here.

In anticipation of the books release, Nicholas Kristof recently posted a contest for NYT blog readers.  The NYT Magazine was going to put out a special issue focused on women in the developing world, including an excerpt from “Half the Sky.” He asked readers to share personal stories that show the work being done in this field around the world, and the possibilities of change.  The link to this post and the amazing stories shared in the 512 comments can be found here.

“We had the idea for this contest because Sheryl and I have been so moved by seeing people — local and foreign — do amazing work in the field, and we wanted to celebrate it. So it’s your turn, and don’t be bashful or modest. We’re looking for experiences, more than arguments, but they don’t have to be entirely successful or heroic; the entries can certainly acknowledge that helping people can be more difficult than it looks at first. We’re also interested in innovative ideas for helping people.” Submissions are still being accepted through September 23rd.

Recent Dateline interviews with Kristof and Wudunn

You can follow Nicholas Kristof on Twitter @nytimeskristof

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