Summit Day 3: Mobalization

5692_142106058209_600668209_3326782_64512_nThe final day of the Summit focused on stigma and the power of storytelling and digital medial to mobilize global action.  Thomas Crampton, a digital media specialist, gave a very informative presentation on the keys of storytelling to facilitate change.  He shared the below clip of Bill Clinton from the closing session of the Clinton Global Initiative in 2007 as an example of truly effective storytelling.

Some of the points Thomas Crampton made that I found most helpful include:

-They key to a telling a powerful story is to show, not tell

-All stories should include 4 main elements:

1. Person: never a generic character

2. Setting: A surprise is always good

3. Struggle: The crucial element that involves people through to the resolution

4. Resolution: Something is different, it has changed

-Stories should always be authentic, touching, real, and paint a picture

The Summit came to a close with Lance Armstrong and Doug Ulman leading a global cancer call to action.  It was a very full three days, but I leave more inspired and driven than I arrived.  We are not alone in this movement.

As a delegate from Thailand stated, “the work that will come out of this Summit will not be a program or a project- It will be a movement.”


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