Unexpected Finds

sabinche on flickr

sabinche on flickr

I was hoping to be writing my first blog post on the Inagural Livestrong Global Cancer Summit from Dublin, not from Long Island.   As luck, or fate, would have it, due to air traffic control problems I missed my connection in JFK.  After multiple heated discussions with Delta employees at the airport, and on the phone, it was clear that there was no way I would be departing on any other flight than my original flight a day later.  I was really disappointed as this means I am missing the opening events at Dublin Castle and an afternoon of recruiting delegates to join our global Livestrong Challenge team today, but what can you do?

I started thinking back through some of my crazy travel adventures over the years and all of the interesting people I have met through similar situations.  I dated a guy I met on a plane, traveled through South Africa with a seatmate and have reconnected with a few former airport acquaintances. I met a woman at a bar in Nairobi, Kenya during a rain storm who was going to name her child after me if she had a girl. Thankfully it ended up being a boy. Leana is a strange enough name to have in the U.S., let alone in Kenya! For those of you that know me well, you know I could go on and on, but you get the point.  Some of my best stories stem from misadventures!

Last night was no exception.  I just happened to inquire about my seatmates unusual leg brace (the doctor in me, I can’t help it). This lead to her sharing her story of her battle with Stage 3 Melanoma and our discovery that we were both headed to Dublin for the same event.  We had an amazing discussion on the plane which lead to a collaborative effort to get rebooked.  When that proved unsuccessful we began calling our NYC contacts which lead to our arrival at a friend of hers parent’s home on Long Island.

Day 1 did not turn out like I anticipated, but instead I have the opportunity to spend the day with some new interesting and stimulating acquaintances.  Who knows what tomorrow may bring? Hopefully my arrival in Dublin!

In the hope of reaching the moon, men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet.

Albert Scweitzwer


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One response to “Unexpected Finds

  1. JBBC

    Hi, so sorry to hear you missed your flight to Dublin – a lot of delegates found themselves in a similar situation. I worked the registration desk today and there is a great feeling of being part of an historic event. You will have a wonderful time when you finally get here! Safe travels!
    (PS I posted some pictures from the venue today http://beyondbreastcancer.wordpress.com/2009/08/23/this-is-what-its-all-about/)

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