WTJ: The Wreckage Slump

I have been in a Wreckage slump!  The first weeks I was so excited to wreck that I had to contain myself in order to make the project last until the end of July.  But this week I haven’t worked on my journal at all.  Jamie spoke about this in her Vblog, the ebb and flow of the creative process.

I was inspired to get my creative juices flowing once again when I received the favorite page of “Wreck Star” Barbara of the blog Reptitude in the mail on Friday!  Check out her creation:

photo (1)

I love how she wove in strips from other pages of her journal and added glitter!  Barb also sent me a sweet card which I have decided needs to be incorporated into the project, but haven’t yet decided how best to do so.  Hmm…gives me something to work on for next week!

I recently moved from TX to NY and it hasn’t been the easiest of transitions.  So in the spirit of acceptance I dedicated my stamp page to my new change of address!  Seeing is believing right?


A couple other creations from this week:

photo (2)All of the ink washed off my hand excpet for the green on my index finger so I was reminded for almost two days of my creation as I walked around with a green index finger!

photo (3)

With only 3 weeks left to this blogging adventure I have many more creations to come!



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3 responses to “WTJ: The Wreckage Slump

  1. Looks like you are over that slump! I hope you have a great week!

  2. Great wrecking!
    Hope the move has gone well.

  3. Wow, the change of address page is really powerful. What a great way to process, acknowledge, recognize this big change in your life. I hope all the creative juice, new perspectives and opening up energies that come out of journal wrecking show up in your new space and more 🙂

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