WTJ Week 4: Ready for Some More!

This week was my Wreck This Journal transformation!  I have enjoyed the wreckage the past few weeks, but have done so with great hesitation.  With each page I second guessed my artistic abilities and then confirmed my feelings of inadequacy when I compared my results with the highly creative pages posted on others blog posts.

But this week something changed.  For the first time I saw the project more as a liberation of my fears and anal tendencies than the visual appeal of the final product.  With this mind shift came a whole new level of wreckage.

1The journal’s first shower

2The journal post cover decorating requiring some additional drying time after its shower


My *favorite* journal activity of the week: I took it for a drive! This not only caused some nice wreckage of the back cover, but it was a *huge* step for me.  I can’t believe it, I drove around my neighborhood with my journal dragging behind my car. Yes, I did get some strange looks, and yes, I did think about what I would think if I saw someone with a journal dragging behind their car, but I didn’t care because I was doing it the name of wreckage! 🙂

Let the wreckage continue…



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10 responses to “WTJ Week 4: Ready for Some More!

  1. Anything is justified in the name of wreckage! I love that you took your journal out for a drive…or drag…or whatever it was.

    I still haven’t found the right time to bathe with it yet. Maybe after I smear it with dirt. 😉

    Have fun destroying yours!

  2. Very brave! Your poor journal. Have you lost any pages?

  3. Bravo! A very productive/destructive week my dear.
    I would be delighted to see someone dragging a journal behind their car, btw. Bet you made a few people’s days 😉

  4. kim

    WOW – what a breakthrough! A Shower and a car ride!! Courageous wrecking and great fun, too. Bet you were giggling to yourself as you dragged the journal behind you! Bye-bye – fears!!

  5. Yippeeeee, great wreck work! 🙂

  6. woo-hoo! You go! Didn’t that feel great, dragging it around the block? You know, I am not even sure anyone noticed me doing it. I would have loved to have gotten a strange look or two. I think I will walk it with the dog next time I go out *grin*

  7. I saw that someone else wanted to drag the journal behind their car, but didn’t. YOU DID! Wonderful! I’ve got to do the shower thing so I can stop thinking about it. Bravo to you!

  8. Great Wreckage!
    Getting over the fear for wrecking held me back. When I finally took it into the shower something clicked and now I am geared up to wreck.

    By the way – I have given you an award.
    Check out:


  9. Wasnt it exhilirating dragging WTJ behind your car?

    BRAVO !!

  10. You smashed right through that barrier!!! Kinda like when I dropkicked mine. 🙂 KEEP ON WRECKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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