All For Good

“This summer, the White House is planning to issue a national call to service. But already a group of individuals from the worlds of tech, marketing, academia, and public service, inspired by President Obama’s vow to make service a “a central cause” of his presidency, have banded together to create a new website that aims to become a craigslist for service. It’s called All For Good.”

Individuals working on All For Good come from companies such as Google, Adobe, YouTube, Causecast, and the Craigslist Foundation.  “Since the site has been built in part by Google engineers, the power of search is being applied to service and volunteerism like never before. And with Facebook Connect and Google Friend Connect built into it from the start, All For Good is using the backbone of social networking to help people connect and find service opportunities that fit their specific talents and aspirations.”  (Original article from The Huffington Post: All for Good: A New “Craigslist for Service“)

“When it comes to the challenges we face, the American people are not the problem – they are the answer” -Obama

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