This Ordinary Day

I recently was lead to the blog This Ordinary Day and have fallen in love.  Six days a week one of the many contributing writers shares their “thoughts, inspiration and hope.”  It is their hope that “these words find you well and help to make you more aware, inspired and connected to the things unfolding around you.”  What a simple but impactful vision.

In skimming through recent entries I came across a recent post on Umbutu, which so happens to be my *favorite* word and something I have blogged on multiple times.  Here is an excerpt of the thought provoking post.

I realized how much of my own ubuntu I’ve let unravel since being away from Africa. I spend so much of my day vainly trying to improve myself, whether it’s hours at the gym, being engrossed in some book for my master’s dissertation or worrying about finding funding for next year. I’m just as guilty as anyone for not finding the time to live more responsibly, more graciously. It’s often those times when I’ve asked myself not what people can do for me, but what I can do for them, that my life has been more productive and fulfilled; when I’ve been happiest.

It shouldn’t be a challenge. I need not look hard to find ubuntu in daily life:

It’s felt in the beat of joyous street traffic and people making their way through the day. Ubuntu.

It’s in the honest laughter of friends sharing private jokes. Ubuntu.

It’s in the hard work of a doctor working to save a life, a teacher steering a pupil towards success, a lawyer researching an important case, a construction worker toiling away to provide for a family. Ubuntu.

It’s in the reconciliation of former enemies. Ubuntu.

It’s in the formation of new friendships. Ubuntu.

In crisis and triumph. Ubuntu.

In tears and laughter. Ubuntu.

In generosity and hardship. Ubuntu.

Because out of many we truly are one. And many there are.



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