Ruining Never Felt so Good (WTJ Wk 2/3)

photo (1)I am a week behind on the Wreck This Journal Project blog update, but I MORE than made up for itphoto this week!  Getting going was rough…I hesitantly began with the cracking of the spine and the moved on to ripping strips and strategically placing them so they stuck out of the book in multiple directions and it was all downhill from there.  I have become unstoppable!  It may in part be that I once again have studying to do and sewing in a book, with my 3rd grade abilities, is much more appealing than reviewing medicine…just a wild guess!  I believe the hardest part of this project is going to be making it last until the end of July!

To another week of fun filled wreckage!



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5 responses to “Ruining Never Felt so Good (WTJ Wk 2/3)

  1. Here’s to the downhill slide of our poor books!

    I love the idea of strategically placing the torn strip so they stick artfully out. Off to do some ripping and placing….

  2. I was wondering that same thing…if I can make it last until the end of July. Well, I’ll have enough photos of it that’s for sure!


  3. I love your sewn page! You totally fooled me that you’re at “a 3rd grade level.” The hearts are beautiful, Leana May!

  4. I think your stitching is great! Did you go through more than one layer?

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