Carpe Diem

A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to hear Malcolm Gladwell speak as he toured the country promoting his most recent book Outliers.  For my friends in residency who are out of touch, he is a staff writer for The New Yorker and author of the very popular books “The Tipping Point” and “Blink.”  His writings “often deal with the unexpected implications of research in the social sciences and make frequent and extended use of academic work.”

Gladwell has been quoted saying “when outliers become outliers it is not just because of their own efforts. It’s because of the contributions of lots of different people and lots of different circumstances.”  If you haven’t read any of his books I hihgly suggest you pick one of them up. While I only skimmed the first two books, I found his newest book to be the most intriguing.Malcolm Gladwell’s TED Talk on “What We Can Learn From Spaghetti Sauce”..18 minuets well spent.

He left the audience with a question to ponder:

-Do you know what your innate abilities are?

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough
— Mae West


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