Sundance Institute


The Tree Room

The Tree Room

I knew nothing more about Sundance than the pics I saw every winter in People magazine before my sister moved out to Park City to patrol.  One trip to Sundance and I was hooked (on the institute and what it embodies). Robert Redford dedicated the non-profit “to the discovery and development of independent artists and audiences.”  

I am very excited about one of the institutes newest projects. They are forging partnerships with African theatre artists as part of the Institute’s East Africa Project.  One of their main projects is the play Make a Wish, which chronicles a family’s experience during the Rwandan Genocide. Keep track of their journey in East Africa on Christopher’s blog.  “That’s the beauty of Sundance.  Our artists represent voices that haven’t been heard, but deserve a stage.  The fresh air, harsh truths, and ringing emotional drive that forms Make a Wish will enrich us all.” I hope this is just the beginning of international collaborations for the Sundance Institute.

If you are ever out in Utah you should definitely make the drive to the Sundance resort.  It is gorgeous.  Not only is the natural beauty breath taking, but the buildings and decor are impeccable.  Great restaurants and one of my most favorite shops!  Plus, the general store sells the best old fashioned lollipops made right in Provo, yum! It is well worth the drive.

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