Defining Moments

I have been following writer, researcher and educator Brene Brown’s blog, Ordinary Courage, for some time now.  I have been taking part in a two month read along of her book “I Thought it was Just Me (but it isn’t)” and have fallen in love with not only her research, but her *authentic,* and often entertaining, way of discussing some very tender topics.

I hoped to have the opportunity to hear this local Houstonian speak before I moved…and Saturday was my chance!  The workshop was geared for parents, discussing “The Wholehearted Child: 15 Guideposts for Raising Children with Courage, Compassion and Connection.”  I have read enough of her work to know that the secret to raising such balanced children is to emulate these characteristics in ones own life and that there would be plenty of introspective knowledge to be gained, with or without children.  It was also very interesting from the vantage point of a budding pediatrician.

It was one of the best seminars I have *ever* attended!  Her ability to infuse the central themes of authenticity, love & belonging and a resilient spirit with stories from Nordstrom’s and passing judgement on perfect Pottery Barn families made for a very captivating 6 hours.  I won’t delve into the personal awakenings I had, but I encourage everyone to poke around her website and check out her podcasts from the read along.  On the right side of the blog is a category, “favorite books” with her suggestions on everything from parenting to creativity.  Her parenting book is in the works.  It is totally going to be my baby gift to all my friends as they start their journey into parenthood.  What better gift than one that inspires authentic children in today’s society?

To living more wholeheartedly every single day, LSM


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