29 Things to Do Before I Turn 30

I recently turned the big 2-9 which got me thinking a lot about my 20’s.  I always joke and say that my 20’s were an “investment.”  I spent 2 of them in undergrad, 4 of them in med school and another year of them doing my MPH.  So yes, the decade has been spent in a classroom or hospital, but I have gotten to do some pretty amazing stuff along the way.  I LOVE to-do lists (primarily for the satisfaction of getting to cross something off my list). So what better way to set goals to round off this decade than with a to-do list? Disclaimer: I will be back in the hospital starting July 1 so I tried to set achievable goals because what is a list if you can’t actually check things off it?!

1. Buy a chocolate cake and eat it for 3 meals a day until it is gone…and NOT feel bad about it

2. See a movie at a drive in theater

3. Call my grandmothers EVERY week

4. Go to Southeast Asia

5. Have the highly talked about “1016” 30th birthday celebration

6. Chew slower

7. Make it to 3 new museums in NYC

8. Commit to a new charity

9. Have a dinner party and ACTUALLY cook the dinner that is served

10. Buy a homeless person a very nice meal

11. Spend more time outdoors

12. Learn to cross country ski

13. Go to a retreat at Kripalu

14. Take a reformer pilates class

15. Reconnect with a lost friend

16. Write a note to a friend/mentor every month and tell them what they mean to me

17. Read 5 books that I have owned for >3 years and still haven’t read

18. Say thank you more often

19. See Ingrid & Bjorn

20. Eat more vegetables

21. Laugh more

22. Learn to cook something new once a month

23. Buy a chocolate cake and eat it for 3 meals a day until it is gone…and NOT feel bad about it

24. Conduct more random acts of kindness

25. Knit a hat

26. Journal more

27. Explore a new hobby

28. Be a more adventurous orderer at restaurants

29. Live everyday as if it were my last


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One response to “29 Things to Do Before I Turn 30

  1. Lotta

    I like your list, especially #19 😉 and the chocolate must be very important to you since you’ve listed it twice.. Now, how many have you been able to cross out so far? xoxoxx

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