Every Single Moment

Christine Mason Miller

Christine Mason Miller

My upcoming move (yes, the third one in three years) has had me pondering life, my purpose, and all those other questions that come up when you think about the uncertainty that lies before you. I have found myself retuning time and time again to the pages of “Ordinary Sparkling Moments” to help me gain perspective and insight into where I am in this moment and its signficance in the overall game of life.
I wanted to share one of my favorite passages of the book: “‘Life’s Work’ is not about fame or expertise and my proudest moments are much quieter than one might imagine. I learned that most dreams are not as unattainable as they might sometimes seem, but they rarely grant permanent feelings of security, contentment or immortality. Those feelings come from one place and one place only: within. Within our hearts, within our minds and wishin the moments we are able to be totally and completely present, downing in appreciation for whatever that moment might be offering us. And this I also know to be unequivocally true: every moment, no matter how dire it may seem, has something to offer us. Every. Single. Moment.”


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