5 year journal

Almost two years ago I had the opportunity to spend a day in the little town of Royal, IL with one of my close friends and visit her Oma.  While at her grandma’s Rachel shared with me a basket of journals.  Since Rachel’s grandfather had been a young man he had kept a short daily diary.  There were volumes upon volumes.  Since his death Rachel’s grandma had continued the tradition.  We spent a couple of hours leafing through them, looking up entries like the day of Rachel’s birth, her parents wedding day, and the death of her brother Nathan.  

I have always loved the idea of keeping a diary/journal, but have always been overwhelemed by the idea.  I would write and then miss a few days and once again give up.  I have repeated this cycle many times over the years.  The 5 year diary was the answer!  Only 5 or 6 lines to write and the ability to look over the years what was going on that very day.  I have kept my journal for almost two years now.  I love getting to reflect back on what I was doing each day the year prior.  After Rachel and I serached the internet for the perfect 5 year journal we settled on the one pictured above by Rare Device.

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