A few of my favorite things


Christine Mason Miller

So I have been horrible about updating my blog.  Today is February 15th and this is my first post for the new year!  I wanted to start the new year off with a post reflecting on the past year and thinking ahead, but apparently that is too daunting.  So here is a brief eclectic post to get me going again. A few of my current favorite things . . .


My favorite late winter/spring event: The Banff International Film Festival World Tour.  It is AMAZING!  Look up when it is coming to a city near you.  The films they show vary based on your local, but I have now seen the show in 4 states and have yet to be disappointed.  The best crowd thus far has been Boulder!  This year it looks like I will be viewing it in May in Austin.

My favorite news website: The Daily Beast (great Iphone application too). It pulls the top news stories from a number of sources, gives short summaries, but also has the link to the original post.  It has great blog posts as well as a “buzz board” of recommendations from a range of individuals on a variety of topics.

Great read: Jhumpa Lahiri’s Unaccustomed Earth.  It isn’t quite as good as Interpreter of Maladies, but is a close second.

TED: I LOVE LOVE the TED talks.  They are available at www.ted.com.  Each day TED uploads another talk from one of their yearly conferences.  The talks cover a great array of topics and include big named thinkers as well as  many innovative individuals you haven’t heard of.  Some of the talks are only 5 min.  Currently there are almost 400 talks available from the website or via their podcast for your Ipod.

Twitter: I love it!  Yes it keeps me up to date with my Lance Armstrong Foundation friends, but aside from that I learn about so many great articles, events, etc I otherwise wouldn’t know about.  The 140 character micro blogging has become my new form of procrastination, as if Facebook wasn’t enough! One blog: One, Bono’s foundation, has a great blog where they list the top international stories of the day.

Art 21: I am almost up to date getting the PBS special on DVD from Netflix one disk at a time.  I have learned so much about contemporary art from the series.  They also have a great blog so you can find out where your favorite artists from the series are showcasing their art. Current favorite candle: Sandra Bullock is now making candles which I stumbled upon at her fantastic restaurant Bess in Austin.

Totally unnecessary but fun website: www.goop.com.  It is Gweneth Paltrow’s new blog.  She writes weekly updates and covers topics from recipes to fashion.  Unnecessary, but pretty fun! Whew, I got something posted for 2009.  More to come soon . . .


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