401 Projects

401 Projects is a non-commercial photography gallery in New York City, created as an exhibition space to showcase the work of both emerging and well-established artists with all exhibition sales remitted to the photographer, their gallery, or a charity of their choice.  Every exhibition is complimented by a special program; be it a lecture, portfolio review, or roundtable discussion. 

401 was founded in April 2006 by Mark Seliger, chief photographer at Rolling Stone for 15 years, currently under contract with Vanity Fair and GQ.  I haven’t actually been to the gallery yet, but I am so impressed by the array of art they show, which can be viewed on their website.  Check it out.  I first heard about 401 Projects through Kenneth Cole’s new book Awareness (86 essays and conversations by individuals who have been inspired to do their part to effect meaningful social change with 100% of net proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the AWEARNESS Fund. Definitely an inspiring read).

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