Nepal Part II

Hey everybody!
So as it turns out there is no email in Pheriche. Electricity is
sketchy out here. I am using a computer in Dingboche and it’s really
really expensive, so i’ll have to keep this quite short. It took us 2
days to hike up from Namche Bazaar to Pheriche. Pretty steep the whole
way, the air is getting thinner so we’re getting out of breath
quicker. Over the last couple days I have finally stopped feeling
nauseous (yay!) and have begun to be able to eat full meals. And as
much sugar and butter as we can get down.  The crazy thing about
hiking here is that often times you have to descend like 300 meters
down to cross a river, to then climb up 400 meters. so your total gain
for the day is only 100 meters but you’re exhausted. We did have
sherpas on the way up until 2 days ago – the nepali medical students
are not the most athletic, we had an ultrasound machine to lug up
here, i was weak from being so sick… but now we are carrying our own
full packs. It has been really helpful having the nepali medical
students around to help translate. They asked around and we’ve ended
up taking some Sherpa trails instead of the normal hikers trails,
which has saved us a lot of time, and had gorgeous views. Pheriche is
where the Himalayan Rescue Association post is. I guess there is
somethinlg like a 5 year waiting list of doctors waiting to volunteer
to stay out there for 3 months and see patients. They have all been
pretty cool and I will gdet more of a chance to get to know them
better later in the month. At any rate, the study is based out of
Pheriche. THen we have 3 people a half an hour over the hill in
Dingboche, where I am now, and send 2 up to Lobouje, where I am going
today. Lobouje is at 16,100 ft, which is the highest i will have ever
been. I have been taking my Diamoxx, altitude sickness prophylaxis,
and have been feeling pretty good. No headache so far, but today will
probably be pretty tough. I am going up with one of the other
students, we will spend 2 nights there working on the study, and then
head up to Kala Pattar pass and then everest base camp. base camp is
around 17,400 ft so it ought to literally take our breath away. I will
have to spend more time later explaining exatly what it is we’re doing
with the study, but it mainly involves rounding around all of the
different lodges between 5 and 8 pm, and talking to different trekking
groups and trying to enroll people in the study. you, all know me and
how i hate that kind of thing, but i have found it to be pretty fun.
we are the closest thing to doctors people have seen and it is fun to
be able to answer their questions. and they often have you sit down
for tea so it’s a good way to get in some extra free calories! i guess
the most altitude sickness we will see will be in Lobouje, where we
two are headed today. we  will see those people and make the decision
if they can stay, need to be flown out on a helicopter or taken down
by horse to the HRA clinic in Pheriche. There rest of the day when we
are not rounding the lodges, we are free to do what we want. So we
should have lots of extra time for day hikes and seeing other places.
After we come down from Lobouje and Base Camp in a few days,we will go
to Pheriche for 4 days, so I won’t have internet for a good while. My
partner and I are planning on celebrating halloween by splitting a can
of beer tonight. that should be about enough to do us both in at that
altitude! anyways, i love you all and miss you all. i won’t be able to
write for a while so don’t worry. i will have lots more to share once
we come down….


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