Partners In Health Annual Thomas J. White Symposium

img_0861I had the opportunity of being in Boston AND being able to get a ticket to attend the annual PIHsymposium held this past weekend at the historic Sanders Theatre on Harvard’s campus.  It was a truly amazing and inspiring event.  In the years that I have closely followed PIH, their goals and vision have shifted and more than ever they are open to a partnership, “building a movement for solidarity and justice.”  In addition to the personal testaments from two Haitian patients who sat on stage sharing their stories of revival due to ARV’s provided by PIH, there were stories from NGO’s and individuals inspired by the work of PIH and the amazing things they have set out to accomplish.  To be with the likes of Jim Kim, Paul Farmer, Joia Mukherjee and Ophilia Dahl in a room at the same time was so moving! If you are one of my fellow global health friends, take the time to watch the talk at was most excited to hear cancer in the developing world addressed.  The shifting burden of cancer from the developed to the developing world can no longer be ignored.  For PIH to talk about their plans to address it was very exciting as usually their big focuses are conditions such as malaria, TB and HIV although cancer kills more individuals than all three of these diseases combined each year. In the words of Ophelia Dahl, “The panic on Wall Street is nothing compared to the panic of not being able to feed your children.”  Life is relative my friends, in solidarity we should each sacrifice a piece of ourselves to help others.  Find your passion and act!


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