And it’s a wrap

img_06021n4900950_44332507_5419It has taken me awhile . . .way too long to be honest . . .to sum up my time in Morocco. 3rd time to Morocco was a charm. I had a great time with my cancer epid co parts (the proof is in the plethora of pics). Thanks Lizzy and Jaye for the MANY memorable evenings!

I couldn’t have asked for my research project to have gone smoother. I had tried to trouble shoot as much as possible before I left the U.S. knowing that there was a lot I would not be able to prepare for. I kept waiting for the big glitch and it never came- thankfully! I was able to collect data at all of the primary peds oncology sources for both Casablanca and Rabat in just 6 weeks! I have a ton of interesting facts on an array of subtopics related to the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric brain tumors in Morocco and now is the time to mold it into a paper. Dr. Soliman says this is the fun part . . .I am not so sure about this, but we will see! No matter the fate of my paper, I am satisfied with international project #1 and all the lessons I learned along the way. Next up . . .late effects research at MD Anderson/Texas Children’s for the year!

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