Chillin in Marrakesh

sl016064This past weekend destination was Marrakesh. The tourist trap of Morocco! It is an old city with a huge medina that is full of tradition and lets be honest, the more important part, a lot of great shopping! And oh did we shop. Saturday was spent wheeling and dealing the souks of the medina. It was so much fun! If I have learned anything in all of my travels it is how to bargain. My skills were put to the test and all in all I think I did quite well (according to my house/classmates).

 We stayed inside the medina (the old city encased in walls) in a riad, the word used to characterize the little hotels with 10-20 rooms total. The more well known riads were full so we ended up staying a little deeper into the medina. It turned out perfect. The first night we had the riad to ourselves and the second night there was only one other couple.

Sunday was spent at the coolest pool I have ever been to ( It was over the top ridiculous, but SO much fun! It is a pool by day with a DJ stand over the water that played a fusion of US rap and Moroccan/French music and a beach club at night. Jaye, Lizzy and I spent a wonderful Sunday soaking up the rays.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend. It was an easy 4 hour train ride back home to Casablanca. We came home Sunday night just in time to gear up for another work week. This week my goal is to try to obtain the Casablanca neurosurgery cases and get a handle on capturing all of the cases in Rabat!

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