Off With a Bang!

img_0632img_0638My countless hours of e-mailing and planning seem to have paid off . . . I could not have imagined that my start to collecting data could possibly have gone as smoothly as it has. The head of the pediatric oncology department had told me how wonderful the woman who kept the department records was, but wonderful is an understatement. Even prior to my arrival she was sending me Excel spreadsheets with data to answer questions that I had. Once I did arrive, with few words and many hand motions, I was given more helpful spread sheets, an office and someone that pulls charts for me!

What I accomplished in my first week was what I estimated would take me anywhere from 3-6 weeks. I don’t want to get over enthusiastic, but I feel good knowing that I already have enough information to write up to complete my thesis. Instead of just producing some results there is the potential that I will truly have time to get a good idea of pediatric brain tumors for the whole nation of Morocco versus just Casablanca! My next mission is to try to reproduce the work I am doing here in Casablanca in Rabat, the true capital of Morocco, an hour north of Casablanca. Casablanca and Rabat house the two main oncology centers in the country.
We will see what the coming weeks bring . . .

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