University of Michigan School of Public Health

The past year has been full of unforeseen events. This includes my decision to spend a year at Michigan’s School of Public Health doing a one year condensed masters in Hospital and Molecular Epidemiology. While I knew that I would love public health, I could have never guessed how much I would love it. Recently I have spent my “free time” researching different PhD opportunities in pediatric oncology epidemiology. While doing a PhD before returning to the “normal” path of training is the more unconventional route, it seems like the best fit for my interests. Besides, when have I ever done anything the easy or conventional way? I may never want to complete a residency/fellowship. I do know that until recently, I have always taken the traditional path in medical training, and it has left me feeling like I may not be making the most of my passions. So, I am going to trust my gut instinct and see where it takes me . . .There appears to be about 5 funded positions in the nation. In addition to my 8 classes, setting up my summer research and finding funding, I am also applying to doctoral programs before the ever approaching deadline of December 15th!

I thought I could use this blog as a way to chronicle some of the interesting finds I learn in my schooling this year, as well as, the occasional great time, like this past weekend Michigan girls reunion. The pictures will be a bit as Reena, the official photographer, left the camera in Chicago. For now, I am enjoying being back in Ann Arbor. While I might be pretty busy, I am loving it, what more can one ask for?


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